Transitional Blue & Grey Tones

Small variations of similar colors create this larger pattern in the rug.  Very unique and unusual rug that has a…

Abstract Designer Rug (cooler color pallet)

This rug is inspired by abstract masterpieces that hang on the wall.  Splashes of variations of blues make this rug…

Royal Gabbeh

This rug has a thick, plush and soft pile – perfect for higher traffic areas.  Subtle cream, beige, and tan…

Grey-Grey Designer Rug

One of our best selling rugs for designers that are looking for a flexible yet beautiful rug.  Greys, subtle blues…

Grey Bamboo Silk Designer Rug

No border and no medallion – sometimes called “infinite designs” – these rugs are popular with designers because they are easy…

Old-World Meets New-World

This is a true transitional rug, combining one of the oldest tribal designs with a new color pallet. This rug…

Best Selling Designer Rug

This is without question one of our most asked about collections from our designers.  Reason being, it offers a subtleness,…

Unusual Over-Sized Floral Motifs

This rug is the perfect blend between the timeless tribal designs, mixed with some casual and boldness due to the…

Stunning Designer Tribal Rug (One of our Personal Favorites)

This rug has everything – very decorative with colors to pull from and an unusual charcoal-smokey color as the primary…

All-Over Transitional Design

Beautiful all-over design with powder blues, subtle lavender, and variations of grey.  Lovely rug to lighten up a space.

Grey Abstract Rug (Bamboo Silk)

Beautiful modern rug with a grey on grey abstract design.  Thick bamboo silk adds a heavy body and plushness to…

Fine Transitional Wool & Silk

Beautiful Designer rug with fine wool and highlights of a silk-blend.  This is a cross between old-world meets new-world with…

Simple & Charming Gabbeh

Beautiful Gabbeh with variations of reds, beige/ivory/cream tones.  A simple and charming look.

Subtle Designer Rug

Washed out rug with very subtle design and very minimal tones of soft blue-grey with light brown highlights

IKAT Designer Rug

Beautiful IKAT Designer rug – blues, reds, beige

Unusual Designer Piece

Directional designer piece.  Unusual IKAT inspired rug with a beautiful color pallet; antique beige, rust, teal

Designer Turquoise Over-dye

Turquoise over-dyed rug.  Unusual color pallet with a very pleasing all-over design.

SOLD Beautiful Designer 8×10

One of a kind designer piece – variations of black, taupe, cream, with subtle rust and light blue highlights.

8 x 10 Flat-weave Sumak

Uncommon Flatweave Blue Sumak.  Geometric motifs, no border, with an all-over design makes this a casual and versatile rug.

8 x 10 Unique All-Over Wool/Silk (sold)

Absolutely stunning rug with old-world motifs, represented in a modern/transitional way.  All the flowers have a soft silk-blend, and with no…

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