It’s vital to clean your rugs by professionals once every 2-3 years.  We are the go-to source for Milwaukee rug cleaning. We don’t specialize in just Oriental rug cleaning, we hand wash all types of rugs.

Your rugs live with you every day and collect dust, dirt, and debris that settles in the foundation of your rug. Even if you keep your house vacuumed or have minimal traffic; wool (which is what your rug is made of) is still a dust, dirt, and debris magnet and collects these particles on and inside the rug.  Rug cleaning in Milwaukee is especially important because of our winters.  To ensure the value of your rug, and to keep your space clean and healthy, please make sure to get your rugs cleaned by professionals.  We clean all rugs, not just hand-knotted rugs; we also clean Kilims and flatweaves, Karastan and other machine-made rugs, hand-tufted, Silk, jute, and more.  Do not steam clean your rugs, do not dry clean your rugs, and do not have a carpet cleaner wash them for you. Have specialist clean your rugs, it is well worth it.

Our Old-fashioned hand cleaning process is ideal for any rug. We first vacuum both sides of your rug with a gentle beating technique that removes particles that lye inside the foundation of your rug, then we use a soft brush with a special Oriental rug shampoo to revive the wool of your rug and prevent your rug’s natural dyes from bleeding, and then air dry your rug on raised wooden pallets to allow for proper air ventilation during the drying process. The total cleaning and drying process takes about 7-14 days. It is amazing what a thorough cleaning can do to your rug, and you will be so happy you did it.

We hand clean everything in-house and never source it out; read our reviews on Angie’s List, Google Review, and Yelp to see why we’re becoming the number one rug cleaning company in Milwaukee and the surrounding areas.

Feel free to call us for a quote or to answer any of your questions:
(414)-727-0007 or (414)-964-7847

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