Interior Design & Collaborative Partners

Collaborative Partners

If you are an Interior Designer, in the furniture, flooring or upholstery business, a real estate agent or home-stager, a collector of antiques or fine arts, or perhaps an auctioneer – the Persian Rug Gallery would love to work with you. We collaborate with so many businesses and have built some magnificent relationships with clients in our years of business.
Quite frequently our loyal clients and customers ask us for recommendations on specific and special services that we may know – we are always pleased to suggest our partners and people we have worked with in the past.

Interior Design

Looking for the top interior designer in Milwaukee? Who is the best interior designer in Milwaukee?  How do you even determine that, where do you even start?! Milwaukee Interior Design is a competitive market.  There are some great interior designers out there and many do great work.  I think the “work” part itself is easier to accomplish than the process and the client/designer relationship.  In other words, the “work” is more of a commodity, similar to the “rugs” that we sell, but what is proprietary to the Interior designers and the rug industry (and most businesses for that matter), are the people.  The interior designers that we work with are all fantastic human beings! The relationships we’ve built with them have been incredible and the relationships and friendships they often build with their clients is always a joy to witness.

Over the years, we’ve seen so many spaces that we are starting to be asked to come to the house and help with particular fabrics, lighting, wall color, and more! It’s humbling, and we share our input when asked, but we are rug experts, not interior designers! ? When it comes to design, often you either have that gene or you don’t, you either have the eye or the nack for it, or you don’t – we are humbled to say that we “get it”, and will help where we can;  however, if you need interior design help in Milwaukee, we can refer you to one of the many interior designers we work with.  We’ve connected many clients to our design friends in the past, and it’s worked out fantastic!

Searching Interior Design Milwaukee, or looking up best interior designers in Milwaukee may be a good way to find a nice firm or designer, but it’s not the only way.  We have such good rapport with our clients, that they know we would never refer them to a designer that isn’t fair with price, doesn’t listen, and/or has their own agenda – client services is about listening!  That’s why we love our designers because they treat their clients similar to the way we treat ours.  If you ever need a suggestion or a recommendation for interior designers in Milwaukee, just reach out and we will put in you in contact with some stellar people, and some of the most talented interior designers Milwaukee has to offer!

Here are a following of some good terms to look up if you’re in the market for an interior designer in Milwaukee; depending on what pops up, make sure to check out their reviews on Google, on Houzz, Facebook, Yelp, and/or Angie’s List just to make sure they’re the real deal.  Interior design Milwaukee, or try Milwaukee interior design, along with interior design firm Milwaukee, best Milwaukee designers, best Milwaukee interior designers, or even full-service interior design firm.  Some people look up Milwaukee home decorator but I’ve heard designers don’t love when they’re called decorators!  Or, just call us and let us know you need a reputable designer that we recommend!

if you are a designer, contact us to explore the opportunities to work with one another; we look forward to hearing from you!

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