f you have a wool rug, here is the DIY of how to get a stain out of your rug at home.  First note, that every stain is different and some stains are too stubborn to remove, but this is a good trick to know how to remove a stain in your rug.

1. Take 1 part white natural vinegar, to 2-3 parts water.

2. Mix it up.

3. Take a cloth or paper towel and dab the stain.

The idea is that the acidity of the natural white vinegar will lift the stain as best as possible.  Milwaukee rug cleaning services sometimes use chemicals which may or may not work, but because the vinegar is natural, that is a safer bet.  Also, make sure you dab instead of smear and let it dry and then you can try it again if you wish.

Your results may vary because every stain, every rug, and every situation is different.  Some rugs use higher caliber wool than others making it easier to lift the stain, and some stains are more acidic and stubborn than others.  The longer a stain sits, the more difficult it is to remove the stain.  Wool is a great fiber and it absorbs liquid well, that is how most wool rugs achieve their beautiful colors, this is no different for your stain.  The sooner you can get to your stain, the better.

Feel free to call and consult with a trusted rug dealer in your city.  If you are in the Milwaukee or Chicago area and need help getting a stain out of your wool rug, Persian rug, Oriental rug, Karastan rug, silk rug, kilim rug, antique rug, custom rug, machine-made rug, or any other rug, you’re always more than welcome to call us.  414-727-0007.

To learn more about the rug cleaning process, click here.  Thank you and good luck!

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