Rugs in Milwaukee need to be beautiful, but also good quality because of the weather we have here.  Newer rugs are sometimes woven with less workmanship because they have to keep up with the demand of the market, which often could lack in quality.  This is why it’s important to be careful when you buy online.  There’s just something about seeing a rug in person that can’t be captured online, especially modern rugs and transitional rugs.  That’s why these days I have both customers and interior designers coming in asking for more of a modern or transitional looking rug that will keep up with our climate and weather here in Milwaukee.  The new color palettes that people are gravitating towards are many cool colors like blues, greys, and even slate tones.  This has been the trend for a couple years now, and more and more am I doing simple and clean designs, and abstract painting-looking rugs.  Beautiful bamboo silk rugs have been particularly popular as of late, along with a mix of nice wool pile with silk-blend highlights.

The transitional rugs we sell today are where old world meets new world.  It may have a lovely motif inspired by early Persian rugs but presented in a new and modern way.  Perhaps it has no border or no medallion, or it is a repetitive pattern but some of the areas are missing; this is called an “Erased” design.  Some will take old classic Persian designs and do them with new updated colors, and give them a subtle antique wash making them look but more calming to the eye.  Whatever the hot rugs are today, we have a huge selection of modern rugs, transitional rugs, and designer rugs.  Grey rugs, blue rugs, and even multicolored rugs hang in our window and all throughout our store.  Fun colors like pinks and purples are starting become popular too – although I hear from my designers that green and coral are the colors of the year – and if so, better believe we’ll carry them in our inventory!

Modern Rug Collections

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