It’s always nice to know the origin, story, and background of your ruds.

Free Milwaukee Rug Appraisals

If you’ve bought a rug from overseas or a different dealer and want to know the true market value of your rug, we can give you a verbal or written appraisal.  Rug value of antique rugs and heirloom rugs, like all fine art, can be tricky and needs to be communicated thoroughly by experts.

It’s always nice to know the origin, story, and background of these pieces, and often old rugs and antique rugs that have been passed down as family heirlooms have a great deal of value to them. Make sure you know what you have, before deciding to sell, trade, store, or give your rug away; it could be a gem.

Stop in, call us, or even send us some pictures of any and all rugs you want to learn more about.  From Antique rugs to rugs that you inherited or simply found overseas on your travels or even at a consignment shop – let an expert look at it and tell you all about it!

Definitely, call, come in, or send pictures for a free Appraisal on your rug!

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Rug Appraisal & Consulting

Did you inherit a rug? Did you buy a rug from an old Estate and want to know the history of it and/or what it’s worth?  We are certified rug appraisers for insurance purposes, and for those that want to get their rugs assessed and valued; or just want to know a little about where it’s woven, the origin, the materials, the story, and maybe even what the design means or is inspired by!

These rugs are true works of art, and like most art, they appreciate over time with the proper care and maintenance. If a rug has been damaged by flood or fire, we will help assess your rug for insurance purposes.

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