Our old-fashioned “hand washing” method has been used to keep fine rugs in Milwaukee clean for 20+ years

Step 1: Inspect the entire rug (binding, fringe, foundation strength, age-related wear, etc)

Step 2: De-dust your rug from front to back by beating the dust, dirt, and debris out of the foundation of the rug.  We will repeat this process as many times as we need to before we start washing your rug.  This IS the most important part of the rug cleaning process.

Step 3: Wash every square inch of your rug all by hand using a soft brush, natural Oriental Rug Shampoo, and cold water. We use old-world techniques to ensure your rug stays safe yet thoroughly washed and inspected during the entire process by human eyes.  We don’t use a machine because if the colors run? What if the knots get snagged? what if the fringe starts fraying? Machines don’t stop and can damage your rug badly.  We have experts that have been doing this for 20+ years overlooking the entire process from beginning to end.  Nothing is more important than the expert judgment of professionals that take pride in the cleaning process and honor their work.  Our natural shampoo brings back the natural lanolin of the wool in your rug to provide its’ original sheen and colors of the dye.  This is also where we will tackle any stains and spots and work on them depending on what they are (urine, wine, coffee, etc.)  Spot cleaning is meticulous and also a very important part of the rug cleaning process.

Step 4: We wash the fringe separately from the main area of the rug.  This is because most of the time the fringe is cotton (sometimes it is wool or silk), but regardless of the material of the fiber – it deserves its own separate cleaning process and attention.  We clean the fringe with a softer brush because the ends often fray when they are wet, so we go slow and meticulous.  This is the ONLY way the fringe should be cleaned.

Step 5: We extract all the water, shampoo, and whatever the rug left behind with a power extractor front and back, including the fringe.  This is so everything we just cleaned actually comes out of the rug.  This is vital because, of course, all the dirty junk needs to come OUT of the rug.  Many other rug cleaners DON’T extract, and that’s CRAZY!

Step 6: We let the rug air dry on raised wooden pallets so the air circulates evenly and properly.  We also use the sun to dry it faster when the weather is nice.  The sun never harms the rug and on the contrary, feeds the rug and this too goes back to old-world techniques that not everyone knows about – this is our art and roots back to our heritage and we try and honor the old ways and ancient secrets that have worked for generations.

Step 7: Once the rug is complete, we inspect it again to make sure there’s nothing else to be done, and if so we will repeat any of the above steps as necessary to ensure the rug is brought back to its best potential. No shortcuts whatsoever.

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Welcome to Oriental Rug Gallery in Wauwatosa & Persian Rug Gallery in Whitefish Bay. Thanks for considering our 3rd generation family-owned business for your rug cleaning needs. We are proud to offer an old-fashioned, “hand washing” process used for 20+ years to remove dirt and stains from your area rugs and wash them to bring them back to their original glow. Pick-up & delivery available!

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