We are proud to offer full service rug repair & restoration services in the Milwaukee area

All of our repairs are done by hand. Below is a list of some of the repair and restorations we do. All are done in-house:
  • Rug restoration, water damage, smoke damage, fire damage, etc.
  • Bind the sides of your rug that are frayed or have come undone, also known as overcasting
  • Repair fringe: adding, removing, creating or securing fringe
  • Re-weave and fix holes, rips and tears
  • Patch holes and/or combine two parts of a rug
  • Custom cut and bind your rug to the exact size for your space
  • Re-dye rugs or parts of your rug to bring back color & consistency
  • Add loops or backing to rugs for hanging

Our customers call my grandfather (the person who does most of the rug repairs) “The Rug Doctor”. He laughs about it, but is humbled and flattered by seeing customers so pleased with his work.

If you ever need a rug repaired or serviced in Milwaukee make sure to let us know.  If you Google rug repair near me, expert rug repair, rug repair Milwaukee, Oriental rug repair, or Persian rug repair, or something along those lines, we should pop up and make sure to read our Google Reviews and see what people have said about the Rug Doctor himself! ?

Definitely, call, come in, or send pictures for a free estimate on your rug repair!

(414) 727-0007 or (414) 964-7847 | info@rugsmilwaukee.com

Milwaukee's Best

Rug Repair & Restoration

For over 20 years we’ve been called Milwaukee’s BEST Rug Repair service. Let the experts that specialize in Persian and Oriental rugs repair take care of your rugs.

Did the vacuum ruin your fringe? Is the binding coming undone?  Did the dog chew on the rug?! When it comes to Milwaukee rug repair and restoration, we are known as “best in class” from our customers.  We repair rugs of all types, and it is all overseen by an expert – my grandfather, aka “The Rug Doctor” ?

Hand-made rugs are woven not only for their beauty, but also to be used frequently.  Use them, enjoy them, and pass them down to your kids!  But over time, these rugs could get damaged and you need to make sure an expert does the work.

You may have heard the saying, “Persian rugs wear like iron”, and although that’s true, sometimes pets, kids, the vacuum cleaner, general wear and tear, and many other reasons; your rug ends up needing some attention.  Please, do not have your rug repaired by a machine, or by anyone that isn’t an expert.  Not only with it devalue your rug, but if it isn’t responsibly repaired the first time, you will end up spending more money, taking more time and energy to have it repaired again.  This is one of those cases where – you get what you pay for.


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