Colorful 2×3 Kazan Piece
Two-Tone 2×3 Transitional Piece
Tiled 2×3 Tabriz Design
Lyrical 2×3 Tabriz Rug
Warm 2×3 IKATS Design
Vibrant 2×3 Gabbeh
Rich 2×3 Kashan
Light 2×3 Tribal Design
Warm 2×3 Oushak
2×3 Oushak
2×3 Fine Sarouk
2×3 Sarouk Design
2×3 Tabriz Design
Yalameh Piece
Sarouk 2×3
2’5″x3’5″ Wool and Silk Beautiful Persian Nain

Fine wool and silk Persian Nain. Unlike traditional Nain’s, which are known for predominantly blue and white color palettes, this…

2′ x 3′ IR-Karajeh Rug (ORG23-039)

Karajeh is a relatively small and isolated village near Tabriz, located at the northwestern extremity of the Heriz weaving area….

2’2″ x 3’3″ P-Kashan Rug (ORG23-037-C)

This rug has a color palette of black, gold and red, along with variations of those colors. Persian rugs are…

2’1″ x 3’2″ P-Kashan Rug (ORG23-036-C)

Kashan carpets are one of the most important of the refined urban antique carpets that are the direct legacy of…