We buy rugs, trade rugs in towards other rugs, or sell your rugs on consignment.
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Buy, Sell & Trade Rugs

We buy rugs, trade rugs in towards other rugs, and even try and sell your old rugs on consignment for you.  It, of course, all depends on the specific rug(s).


Often people either inherit rugs or are moving and their old rugs don’t fit in the new place or with their current decor – so they ask us if we are interested in buying them.  Sometimes we buy them outright, and other times we offer to try and sell them for you.  We don’t take any and all rugs on consignment, we have to truly feel that we can sell it for you.  Other times, we offer you to trade your rug(s) in towards a new rug and that always works out well.

Either way, we are here for you to try and help you with your rugs; at the very least we can try and help you navigate what to do, where to go, and give you a piece of mind and give you knowledge about the rug so you can be well equipped to make the best decision.


Give us a call and let’s talk about what’s the best option for you.

Milwaukee North Shore location (414) 964-7847

Wauwatosa West Side location: (414) 727-0007

Email: info@rugsmilwaukee.com


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