10’6″x13’8″ Beautiful Antique Persian Mahal

This piece is filled with lovely Persian symbolism. Boteh motifs (Seed design) are found adorning the perimeter, as well as a couple thin borders inspired by the mountains as a sign of protection, warding off negativity. In between the two mountain borders, one will see the iconic turtle border. Moving into the field of the rug, one will find the ancient Herati/Mahi design (Two fish swimming around the world). This rug is not only extremely unusual, given its vast color palette, including pistachio green, deep beige, a buttery camel, blush, rose, lake blue, and indigo, but upon closer look, this piece incorporates a rare, thoughtful, carefully planned design. If one adds the four corner spandrels together, the medallion is the result.

SKU ORG-1014-018
Style Persian / Traditional
Size 10'6"x13'8"
Status In Stock
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