3’8″x5’6″ Masterful Signed Wool and Silk Persian Isfahan “Bird Paradise”

This masterpiece looks like it was painted with a single-hair paintbrush. This piece has 20 exquisite and unique birds woven within it. Elegant medallion, surrounded by whimsical and blossoming flowers, accompanied by an undulating set of vines. This piece is signed by the family that wove it. Silk foundation with lamb wool pile and silk highlights. This piece came from an estate on the East Coast with single stained corner. The piece is composed with a rich cherry red, ivory highlights, an elegant sky blue, and tinges of a warm gold, as well as numerous flares of a leafy and earthen green and a calming plum. The field is a gorgeous darkened royal blue, with a smattering of cooling white in the center of the medallion and around its twisting vines.

Style Classic / Persian / Traditional
Size 3'8"x5'6"
Status In Stock
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