5’6″ x 7’3″ P-Baluchi Rug (P46-014)

Baluch tribes span across Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran. The Baluchi Bokharas are typically more random in design and coloring, reproduced from memory as opposed to strictly following pre-set patterns. The rugs usually use coarser wool for the pile than other types of Bokharas and always use a wool base. The Baluchi Bokharas are made on horizontal, transportable looms. They generally have shorter piles than Pakistani Bokharas and are predominantly made in red, rust, and brown shades. Baluchi Bokharas are found in both vegetable and synthetic dyes. Baluchi rugs are known for their uniqueness, durability, and affordability.

SKU P46-014
Style Tribal
Size 5'6" x 7'3"
Status In Stock
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