9’9″x12’4″ Incredibly Unusual Persian Bakhtiari

This rug is a wonderful example of a unique Persian tribal rug, woven by some of the most skilled nomads in the world. This all-encompassing medallion draws your eye in only to reveal the rug’s true beauty in a rippling effect as your eyes scan outward from the central focal point. Incredibly soft and plush wool, known as some of the best in the world, from the mountains of southern central Iran. This piece is filled with variations of blush, midnight and lake blue, mint greens and teals, deep espressos, soft mocha, and highlights with un-dyed sorted goat hair – speaking to its nomadic nature. These weavers are known to be some of the most brilliant, hence their unusual and infitiely intriguing designs.

Style Antique / Classic / Persian / Traditional / Tribal
Size 9'9"x12'4"
Status In Stock
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