As everyone tries to come together and support the community to the best of their abilities, our best way to contribute is to help keep your family’s RUGS, CARPETS, and TEXTILES CLEAN & SANITIZED.   Email us so we can schedule a time to pick them up, DEEP CLEAN and sanitize them properly, and bring them back to you ASAP.  If you are not working during these times but still need your rugs cleaned, tell us and we will make it work for you.  It is the least we can do!  Email us at: info@orientalrug-gallery.com or text Hamid at 414-803-3567 or Hemad at 414-405-6553

For over 20 years we’ve been called Milwaukee’s BEST Rug Cleaning service. Let the experts that specialize in Persian and Oriental rugs cleaning handle it.  Check our Reviews online on Google, Facebook, Yelp, Angie’s List, and elsewhere to read just how satisfied our customers and clients are with the best rug cleaning in Milwaukee.


Rug cleaning is such an important part of maintaining your rugs well.  We recommend having your rugs professionally cleaned once every 2-4 years depending on where the rug is in the home, how much traffic it gets, etc.  Regardless of the quality of your rug, wool is a fiber that collects dust, dirt, and debris and this gets collected on the inside of your rug – meaning over time your rug will be filled with “stuff” and weakening the foundation of the rug.  This is wear cracking or even cutting of the foundation occurs and eventually will loosen and possibly open the knots.

Even if you keep your house vacuumed or have minimal traffic; wool is still a debris magnet and collects these particles inside the rug.  Rug cleaning in Milwaukee is especially important because of our winters.  To ensure the value of your rug, and to keep your space clean and healthy, please make sure to get your rugs cleaned by professionals.  Someone that knows the anatomy of a rug and that truly is an expert.  We clean all rugs, not just hand-knotted rugs; we also clean Kilims, flatweaves, and Sumacs, we clean Karastan rugs and other machine-made rugs, hand-tufted rugs, we clean pure Silk rugs, jute rugs, antique rugs, Persian rugs, Oriental rugs, and more.  Do not steam clean your rugs, do not dry clean your rugs, and do not have a carpet cleaner wash them for you. The good carpet cleaning companies will tell you to have a professional that specializes in rug cleaning take care of them.  Some of the best carpet cleaners in the city MAKE SURE they send all of their rugs to us.  Have a specialist clean your rugs, it is well worth it.


Our Old-fashioned hand cleaning process is ideal for any rug. We first inspect your rug; material of the rug (foundation and pile), stains, odors, wear and traffic pattern, loose ends to look out for, etc.  Secondly, vacuum both sides of your rug starting with the back of your rug.  A gentle but thorough beating technique that removes particles that lye inside the foundation of your rug.  This is arguably the most important part of the process.  Without properly getting all of the “gunk” out of your rug, then the water and wash portion of your rug are pointless, and almost worsening the rug.  This is why the beating process is absolutely the first priority.   Next, we wash every square inch of your rug with a soft brush with a special Oriental rug shampoo and cold water to revive the wool of your rug and prevent your rug’s natural dyes from bleeding.  You will tell the difference in the look and feel of your rug once we’re finished washing it.   Lastly, we air dry your rug on raised wooden pallets to allow for proper air ventilation during the drying process.  We don’t hang rugs to dry; that’s very old-school and kind of a no-no in the rug world after the heavy use of synthetic dyes in newer rugs from the potential of them bleeding as gravity pulling the potentially unstable dyes to the lowest hanging part of the rug.  All in all, the total cleaning and drying process could take up to 7-14 days. It is amazing what a thorough cleaning can do to your rug, and you will be so happy you did it.  It will not only look better, but it will feel better and you will feel better knowing you have a healthy and clean rug back in your home.


What a headache rug stains can be.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a dog urine stain, a cat urine stain, coffee spill, red wine stain, or even animal vomit; most stains are acidic and can soak into wool quickly.  If you have pets and animals that have stained or soiled your rug, then we must do an enzyme cleaning to your rug.  The natural enzymes break apart the urine or acid and it is then easier to extract from your rug.  This method, or any other method, of course, is never guaranteed to bring the rug back to its original state; if anyone claims that promise to you, run the other way. One thing to try at home on your own before hauling your rug here or having us come pick it up – is an ancient trick that we’ve been doing for ages; take 3 parts white natural vinegar, dilute with 1 part water; dip the cloth or paper towel in that solution and dab the stain gently; always dap and never rub.  The natural white vinegar should do it’s best to uplift some of the stains.  For a bit more on this, read our article here.

We hand clean everything here on-site and never source it out; read our reviews on Angie’s List, Google Review, Facebook, and Yelp to see why we’re the number one rug cleaning company in Milwaukee and the surrounding areas.  If you type in rug cleaning near me, or rug cleaning Milwaukee, we should pop up on Google and you can read our reviews. And if that’s not enough,  of course, do your homework, ask your neighbors who they use, call around and ask about price, process and then use your judgment.  You will be able to tell right away why we’re the best rug cleaning in Milwaukee and the surrounding areas.  And we don’t say this to boast, but we really do take a tremendous amount of pride in our work and our reputation

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