No matter what style or design of rug you’re drawn to, it’s fair to say each design is beautiful in it’s own-right.  One of the most popular and desired tribal rugs is called, Kazak.

Tribal rugs are known for being geometric in design, with bolder motifs that make the rug more masculine, and casual.  They often have multiple colors with variations due to the natural dying of the wool with colors from vegetables, spices, tea, etc.

The KAZAK rug originates in the nomadic regions of Central Asia, specifically the area of the Caucus Mountains.  Today, these designs are inspiring and being re-created mainly in regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan.  Kazaks typically have similar jagged and striking geometric borders with motifs that can resemble stars, diamonds, rugs, and other objects that often carry symbolic meaning.  There are certain aspects of these rugs that you can spot from a mile away.  To view our Kazak collection, click here.

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