The way you treat a stain can change depending on what the spill is.  Some general tips for wool carpet/rugs are using a moist and clean towel and dabbing the stain from the outside of the stain towards the center, this will keep the stain from spreading.  General tips for more severe stains:

  1. Never scrub the rug repeatedly back and forth because this could damage the wool and extenuate the stain.
  2. Use a very small amount of water on a clean towel to try and dab the stain to remove the surface of the stain.
  3. Try a combination of water and natural white vinegar (1 part vinegar to 3 parts water) and dab the stain.  Or you can try a little natural dish detergent.
  4. Dab the stain lightly in one direction (10 times or so), and then dab the stain lightly in the other direction.  This attempts to get both on the surface and under the nap of the rug.

All stains are different, some more acidic and strong than others.  Some rug fibers are weaker than others as well – unfortunately if the stain is strong enough it could possibly damage the foundation of the wool and removing the stain is nearly impossible.

Remember to dab the stain and never scrub because if your rug has natural dyes, they could bleed.  You can always try an inconspicuous spot of the rug to see if any bleeding occurs, if so, sure to take it to your most reputable rug dealer and see what they can do.

For more information about common stains like Ketchup, BBQ sauce, pasta sauce from wool carpets, etc: click here:,-Pasta-Sauce,-or-Barbecue-Sauce-off-a-Carpet

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