When you’re rug shopping for an area rug, you will fall under one of two categories:

  1. You are looking for a rug once you’ve picked out your furniture, paint, window treatments, and pillows.  You’re looking for a rug that will “fit” with the room, and tie it all together: the benefit of the former, is that it gives you direction and it can make the rug buying process easier …OR…
  2. You come in looking for the rug first, and the rug will be what you build your room around: the benefit of the latter, is that you have the liberty and luxury of finding a rug that you love.

Sometimes customers will absolutely fall in love with a rug, but can’t consider it because it won’t go with anything in the room.  With that being said, more often than not you will find a rug that you adore, and coordinate well with your decor.  These rugs are so versatile and chameleon-like in that sense.  Many rugs come is so many designs and colors that you’ll be sure to find a great fit.

If you ask good interior designers they will tell you to start with the ground up, meaning to pick your flooring, then rug, then larger furniture, etc.  But again, every customer’s situation is different.  We’ve had cases where customers have literally changed most of their decor in their existing room solely based on the rug that they fell in love with.

Lastly, just because a rug is such a significant portion of the room, doesn’t mean it has to be the most expensive.  Search around, educate yourself a little about rugs, and consider what factors are most important to you: price, value, coordinating with the room, loving the rug first, practicality (darker rug in high-traffic areas with chances of food/liquid stains), etc.  Want to know what to look for in a rug?  Check this post for what to look for when buying a rug.

As always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have to help you on your rug journey!


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