There is nothing in this world like a nice old rug.  Rugs are one of the only arts to incorporate philosophy, architecture, nature, poetry, and other beautifully rich sectors of the world all into one art – the carpet.  We specialize in Antique rugs in Milwaukee, along with vintage rugs.  We repair antique rugs and vintage rugs, and also love sharing our knowledge about them.  If you are looking for an antique rug or vintage rug in Milwaukee, let us know; or come browse our antique collection.  It is always helpful to either tell us what you’re looking for, what colors, the size, and even if you have a picture of something you saw that you liked for a point of reference.  Very seldom will a rug dealer have a huge inventory of antique rugs, but because we have been in the business for some time now, we have quite a few pieces and access to even more.

The popularity of antique rugs in Milwaukee has been steady but now is in demand because people are incorporating them with their simplistic home decor.  White/grey walls give the perfect backdrop for a colorful and rich vintage rug to pop.   Among the most popular have been Persian Heriz or Persian Serapi, Persian Sarouk, Persian Mahal, and Persian Bakhtiari.  There are some antique rug collectors that enjoy the timeless beauty of old Kurdish rugs, or even Caucasian rugs woven in the caucus mountains; those are always special.  Antiques in Milwaukee lean a little more towards the traditional and timeless designs, which is great because those are some of the most beautiful and our favorite!  We have many unusual pieces, we would love to show you sometime.

To view our vintage rug collection and our antique rug collection, feel free to stop in, or call,

Milwaukee North Shore location (414) 964-7847

Wauwatosa West Side location: (414) 727-0007


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