Do you have children or grandchildren that play on the rugs in your home?  Do you have pets that go in and out of the house?  Do you let people walk in your house with their shoes? Is your rug by a door, a window, a kitchen, the bathroom, in a family room, a den, a bedroom, or a dining area?  Your answer is probably “Yes” to one or more of these questions – and if so, you need to think about cleaning your rugs more often.
It doesn’t matter if your rug is inexpensive or a nice hand knotted rug, nor does it matter whether your rug gets lots or little traffic – you need to have your rugs professionally hand-cleaned by experts every 2-3 years – here’s why:
Your rug is most likely made out of wool.  Wool is a fantastic material for rugs because it wares well and is better than most materials for spills and stains, but unfortunately it does have it’s downside – wool is a dust, dirt, and debris magnet, both on the surface of the rug as well as inside the foundation of the rug.  Even if you vacuum your rug often, you aren’t penetrating your rug deep enough to get to the inside of it.  This means your rug is unhealthy from the inside out.  This is particularly important if your rug is handmade. This dust and these other particles settle in and start opening up the foundation of your rug, loosening up the knots, and start cutting the knots on a very micro level.  This doesn’t happen over night, but over time if you don’t attend to your rug – it can diminish the value of your rug.  Not only should you maintain your rug for it’s value’s sake, but if you aren’t cleaning your rug often, you are keeping an unhealthy rug in your space gathering more and more stuff inside it.
Next time you think your rug hasn’t gotten any use, or that it isn’t worth cleaning it because you didn’t pay much for it, remember that keeping your rugs healthy and clean increases the quality of your living space.  Getting them cleaned by people who specialize in rugs is the very best investment you can make in a healthy and happier life regarding your rugs and flooring decor.  If you live in the Milwaukee or surrounding areas, contact us for what our customers call hands down the best rug cleaning in Milwaukee. 

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